GET api/productsdeleted

Returns the records that have been deleted. See Incremental Updates for more information.

Resource URL


Request Parameters

Name Description Type Additional Information Mandatory
version The version to return records from integer No

Response Information

Name Description Type Additional Information
CurrentPage Currently returned page integer
PageSize Requested page size integer Always returned as 100
TotalCount The total number of matching products integer
TotalPages The total number of pages integer
HasPreviousPage Indicates if previous page exists boolean
HasNextPage Indicates if next page exists boolean
Values collection of ids that have been removed

Example Request


Example Result (XML)

<PagedResponse xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">

Example Result (JSON)

	"currentPage" : 1,
	"pageSize" : 500,
	"totalCount" : 2,
	"totalPages" : 1,
	"hasPreviousPage" : false,
	"hasNextPage" : false,
	"values" : [