API Callback

WePlann can notifiy you of activities whenever your orders are modified.

If you supply a value for the CallbackUrl when executing the Post Event Book API we will send an HTTP request to your server notifiying you whenever your order is changed. WePlann will append an orderid and status to the querystring of the CallbackUrl you specify and make a post to the URL.

Note: WePlann will make 10 attempts on a sliding time scale if you do not return a 200 OK HTTP STATUS.

Request Parameters

Name Description Type Additional Information
OrderId The id of the order. uniqueidentifier Use this value to retrieve order details using Get Order API
Status The current status of the order. string


POST https://yourserver.com/callback.php?yourvariable=x&orderid=41612489-3de8-4fae-9044-878bdbeb649c&status=complete HTTP/1.1
Reply with 200 OK HTTP STATUS