With our APIs, you can develop applications to sell tours, shows, attractions or any offerings of interest to leisure travellers.

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Why integrate with WePlann?

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What should you expect from WePlann's APIs?

  1. Do you plan on hosting your own product pages?

    If the answer is no, the API's may not suitable for you. In this case, you might be interested in our affiliate program in Portuguese or Spanish.

  2. What does WePlann's API offer?

    Currently, there are two possibilities for API clients. The first one offers products and events. When setting up this API, you will have access to global data that includes schedule, date, time, calendar, availability, pricing, ticket type and currency. The second one offers products and events plus the ability to to validate and book events. You will have all of the abilities above and will also be able to host a shopping cart, process payments and place orders.

  3. Do you also plan on hosting Payment/Checkout pages?

    If the answer is no, WePlann will host shopping cart pages and will issue customers E-tickets for you.

  4. How can I host Payment/Checkout pages?

    If you store your credit card on file, you will be provided with a special API key which is able to validate and book events. This means you will host a shopping cart, process payments and place orders.

  5. What about Customer Service?

    WePlann will issue WePlann E-tickets to customers and will manage Customer Service for all API clients.